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Trust Source Security

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Safe Vaults

Sea Freight

Road Freight

Gold Deposit

100% Guaranteed

Best Place To Store Gold & Sliver

Trust Source Security operates as a seamless blend of security, and storage services. Arranged to your convenience, in a secured, accessible and timely manner. Providing a value added service to all major private clients. Trust Source Security is a global leading security-related services for banks, retailers and a variety of other commercial and private customers. Our security base vault facility is conveniently headquartered in around the world.Trust Source Security operates a secure safe deposit vault, which is a modern-day fortress, constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, and protected by a sophisticated, multi-tiered security system. It is monitored by highly trained professionals 24/7. Our services include armored car transportation, money processing, long-distance transport of valuables, vaulting and other value-added solutions.

Our Services

Safe keeping

Trust Source Security Vault provides a specialist safety deposit box service for the safe keeping of your assets ,precious metals or other items securely.

Gold And Sliver Deposit

The world’s most exclusive and innovative safe deposit box solution.

Gold And Insurance Policy

As with any insurance policy, this protection has come at a small cost during the good times. 

Sea Freight

Today, Our Focus Remains True To Our Roots And We Continue To Build And Retaining Long-Term Trusted Partnerships With Customers Of All Size And Scale

Road Freight

 Over The Years Our Company Has Diversified Its Activities To Include Overland Transportation Logistics And A Growing Portfolio Of Port Terminal Investments

Air Freight

We Trade Between The World’s Major Economies Emerging Markets Across All Continents

Armored Transport Services

Trust Source Security Armored Transport services is designed to help transport your valuables to any destination of your choice.

What Makes Us Special

Globally known for our ability to safely keep your precious minerals to your satisfaction. We deliver to you as and you when you need as well. Tracking made easy.


Non-disclosure of identity ensures total privacy and confidentiality.


Our business values and beliefs guide our behaviour, in order that we make a positive impact.


Protected against risks of economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain yours.